Medical Terminology That You’ll Actually Remember

Taking a course in medical terminology is one thing – remembering the definitions of medical terms when you need them, is quite another. Referring to a medical dictionary is a good habit, but for work that involves speed as well as accuracy you will need a good working knowledge of medical vocabulary. Medical office workers like medical transcriptionists, medical scribes, medical record technicians or medical coders and billers, will need to speak medicine like a second language.

For example, a common complaint from medical coders trying to get certified, is that the hardest part of medical coding certification exams involves the section on medical terminology. A basic understanding of common medical terminology is important not just for that part of coding certification exams though, but for speed and accuracy in looking up ICD codes in general. In real life, it means you have a good knowledge of medical vocabulary, and need to pick up a medical dictionary less often.

Our video series uses everyday language to define basic medical words, because what’s the point of a definition that makes you have to open a dictionary? Each lesson illustrates the meaning of one term, using mostly everyday images – instead of medical images – to make them more relatable. The illustrations are deliberately chosen to be outrageous or funny, so you will remember them long after watching the video. We use and encourage repetition, as another way to help with memorization.

Use our lessons alongside your medical terminology coursework, as an alternative or a supplement to flashcards, games or cheatsheets. We encourage you to share your learning experience in our comments section. Happy learning!

Wednesday Wordplay: Bewildered

Bewildered as to what 

– never mind how or why –

What strain of thinking

Traumatic genre of upbringing

Might lead someone

To despise

That reflection of one’s own self

Present in the eyes

Of every human being

Designated “other”.


via Daily Prompt: Bewildered


Sunday Wordplay : Creature

Molded into being.

That being

Now curiously impelled

To shape and mold and carve

It’s place. In time.

All the while subject, itself

To the Creator’s chisel

In an unending dance

Of change

And ever higher aspiratons,

Whose evidence is –

The creature.


via Daily Prompt: Creature


Wednesday Wordplay

Tardy as in held up with things that matter?

Tardy as defined by a tick and a tock?

Tardy as in the dawning realisation…

That time is too precious to not fill your cup?

via Daily Prompt: Tardy