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Cutting Out: The Suffix “-ectomy”

Learn the meaning of the suffix “-ectomy”, one of the most commonly used medical terms.

Prefixes High And Low

Just about every chemical abnormality on a lab report, is described with the prefix “hyper-” or “hypo-“. In this video tutorial, learn some of the medical terminology used to discuss lab reports.

Neoplasm’s The Word

What does the word “neoplasm” mean? Do you know the difference between benign and malignant neoplasms? To learn more about these medical terms, watch this video tutorial.

The Meaning Of “-osis”

We use this suffix in many common medical terms, but what does it really mean? Beef up your medical terminology by watching this video tutorial.

Medical Terms For Blood…

In medical terminology, more than one prefix or suffix refers to blood. Learn what they are from this video tutorial.


What Does “dys-” Mean?

A video tutorial  on the meaning of “dys-“, when used in medical terms.