Six Medical Terms Named After Sports

Medical terms have been named after famous people, specfic occupations, geographic regions, and even foods. This video highlights medical conditions named after certain sports.

Fast or Slow

In today’s video tutorial, we look at another pair of medical prefixes with opposite meanings: brady- and tachy-.

Something’s Missing Medically

Do you know which medical prefix indicates deficiency or absence? Watch this video to learn how the prefix a- or an- is used in medical terminology.

Inside Out

A video tutorial on the terms “endo-” and “exo-“.

Related To The Kidneys

Meaning and usage of prefixes that refer to the kidneys.

Words Of The Heart

Not the stuff of Valentines and romance, yet these words go straight to the heart.

Think Liver

Everything you ever needed to know about the liver, involves this prefix.

Going With The Flow

This word ending suggests a stream, but not the walk-in-the-woods type…

MedicalTerminology: Stones & Words

How many ways can you say stone?

Greatness In A Word

Words for things that are larger than life…