Saturday Wordplay: Mallet

Like a mallet in my head

Tapping out a rhythm

As it cleaves

Idle thought from reasoned

Playful musings from tortured creativity

Drowsy daydreams from clear strategy

Tap, tap

Tap, tap

Sharply, precisely

Clearing a path

Through the fog of jumbled notions

A vision emerges

At once logical, concrete

And deliciously daring

Grab hold of it

And follow.

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Saturday Wordplay: Deplete


One step away

From being extinguished

Wrung dry of all vitality

Arguments hoarse and unconvincing

Energized no longer

By passionate convictions

Veins distended with

Cold infusions of doubt

Aspirations one keystroke away

From the “delete” command

Propelled only by

A spark

Inexplicably undimmed –

The expectation

Of overcoming



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Saturday Wordplay: Inchoate

Barely imagined


In moist, fertile domains

Where fanciful musings


Into lucid thoughts

Seeding ideas

Into the mind’s furrows.


Actions laudable

Or unspeakable

Survivors of relentless weeding

Emerge to face

Sunshine’s scrutiny

And to deposit their fruit

Onto the land

That conceived them.



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Wednesday Wordplay: Noise

Louder and louder does not equal truer
Grating words that tear and bite and slash to pieces
Civility and kindness and decency
Making a mockery of honesty
Come with their own kind of prison
An echoing cacophony
Devoid of logic or reason
From which the only escape
Is silence.

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Sunday Wordplay – Meander

Senses meander


Drinking in

A myriad simple things

The scents of spring

And brewing coffee

Fresh mown grass

Warm breaskfast pastries

The cool, crisp feel

Of pages

Waiting to be read

Eyes relaxed

Take in the beauty

Of bud and branch and leaf and blade

At one with self

Unstressed, unhurried

Pause and rewind

This perfect Sunday morning.


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Wednesday Wordplay – Just A Fact

A fact is just the darndest thing,

It will not let you stretch and spin,

But will reach out and haul you in.

If someone spreads your lie about,

Fact will butt in to call you out,

And if from fact you run away

It circles back to spoil your day.

Then worst of all, if fact were bound,

Somewhere on earth there would be found

A tongue with courage, skill and wit

To free it.



via Daily Prompt: Fact

Sunday Wordplay: Fabric

Billowing sheets of brightly dyed cotton

Play in the breeze on a warm spring day

Silk – drenched by a sudden summer shower

Hanging shrunken and limp

From its newfound weight

Art drawn by nature’s breath

On fabrics’ canvas

Rarely now on display


By modernity’s march

Yet vividly alive still in two places –

Lives less defined by the passage of time

And that ageless museum

The eye of the mind.


(FWIW, I don’t think progress is a bad thing, just that there’s beauty to be found in some things we leave behind)


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Wednesday Wordplay: Dim

Flickering reflections

Cast on ancient wallpaper

By half-submerged stumps

Of nearly spent candles

Now sputtering smokily

Now glowing brightly

For a brief, hopeful moment


Darkness descends

And claims its triumph

Only to yield again

Its complete victory to

The twin defeats

Of morning sunshine

and new evening candles.


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Wednesday Wordplay

Encrusted with the mix

Of sweat outpoured

And dust and grime,

The brows

Of heroes unknown, unsung and ordinary,

Would remind us

– If we could see them  –

How gains

Considered now quite ordinary

Came through great labor

And persistence.


via Daily Prompt: Encrusted


Wednesday Wordplay: Bewildered

Bewildered as to what 

– never mind how or why –

What strain of thinking

Traumatic genre of upbringing

Might lead someone

To despise

That reflection of one’s own self

Present in the eyes

Of every human being

Designated “other”.


via Daily Prompt: Bewildered