To Pierce, Medically Speaking

In this tutorial on the suffix -centesis, learn the formal and informal terms for medical procedures that pierce body cavities/spaces.

Six Medical Terms Named After Food

Six Medical Terms Named After Sports

Medical terms have been named after famous people, specfic occupations, geographic regions, and even foods. This video highlights medical conditions named after certain sports.

Half In A Word

This medical prefix literally means half, but is sometimes used to indicate one (not necessarily equal) side.

Saturday Wordplay: Mallet

Like a mallet in my head

Tapping out a rhythm

As it cleaves

Idle thought from reasoned

Playful musings from tortured creativity

Drowsy daydreams from clear strategy

Tap, tap

Tap, tap

Sharply, precisely

Clearing a path

Through the fog of jumbled notions

A vision emerges

At once logical, concrete

And deliciously daring

Grab hold of it

And follow.

via Daily Prompt: Mallet


Joint conditioms

In this tutorial we explore the use of the medical prefix arthr-/arthro-.


On Top Of Things

The prefix “epi-“, commonly used in medical terms, indicates position – relative to other structures¬†or factors.


Saturday Wordplay: Deplete


One step away

From being extinguished

Wrung dry of all vitality

Arguments hoarse and unconvincing

Energized no longer

By passionate convictions

Veins distended with

Cold infusions of doubt

Aspirations one keystroke away

From the “delete” command

Propelled only by

A spark

Inexplicably undimmed –

The expectation

Of overcoming



via Daily Prompt: Deplete


Saturday Wordplay: Inchoate

Barely imagined


In moist, fertile domains

Where fanciful musings


Into lucid thoughts

Seeding ideas

Into the mind’s furrows.


Actions laudable

Or unspeakable

Survivors of relentless weeding

Emerge to face

Sunshine’s scrutiny

And to deposit their fruit

Onto the land

That conceived them.



via Daily Prompt: Inchoate

Fast or Slow

In today’s video tutorial, we look at another pair of medical prefixes with opposite meanings: brady- and tachy-.