Something’s Missing Medically

Do you know which medical prefix indicates deficiency or absence? Watch this video to learn how the prefix a- or an- is used in medical terminology.

‘Moulding’ In Medical Terms

Learn what the medical suffix -plasty means. Watch this video explainer for words that end in –plasty.

Too Much Or Too Little?

Learn what prefixes are used when your body makes too much or too little of something.

Inside Out

A video tutorial on the terms “endo-” and “exo-“.

How To Spell Cell

Meaning and usage of  “-cyte” and “cyto-“.

What’s In A Cyst?

New video tutorial on the meaning and usage of the term “cyst”.

In The Womb

Meaning and usage of the word fetus.

Related To The Kidneys

Meaning and usage of prefixes that refer to the kidneys.

“Gastro-“: Meaning And Usage

The prefix “gastro-” and some common medical terms that contain it.

Wednesday Wordplay: Bewildered

Bewildered as to what 

– never mind how or why –

What strain of thinking

Traumatic genre of upbringing

Might lead someone

To despise

That reflection of one’s own self

Present in the eyes

Of every human being

Designated “other”.


via Daily Prompt: Bewildered