A great memory trick when studying basic medical terminology, is to learn a medical term and its opposite at the same time. For example the prefixes hypo and hyper mean opposite things, and are best remembered when studied together. That’s because comparison makes meanings clearer. Another reliable memorization technique, is to picture an outrageous image related to the meaning and/or the sound of the word you’re learning. For example, to memorize the phrase “opposing pairs“, you could picture in your mind, two giant pears in a tug of war. Naturally this type of visualization is much easier to do with everyday English than with medical words. Which is why our videos do it for you, using wacky cartoons to represent real medical terms.

In the video lesson that we’re highlighting today, we’ve combined both of the strategies above by creating the pictures for you and pairing them with opposite imagery.

Wherever possible, we try to link the new to the familiar (one more way that our mini tutorials help you to remember). This means that when we teach the meaning of a prefix or suffix, we show how they are part of common medical words that you already know. For example, hyper- means above normal and is found in a word that everyone knows: hypertension.

Here’s a list of medical terms covered in this lesson:

1. inter-  and intra

2. hypo- and hyper

3. exo- and endo-

4. poly- and oligo-

5. brady- and tachy-

6. macro- and micro-

7. peri- and tele-.

8. ante- and post- (or retro-)

After watching the video, practice what you’ve learned by making sentences of your own. Review the lessons within the next day, at the end of one week, then again in a month’s time. Each revision should take less time. Before you know it, your medical vocabulary will have expanded significantly. Have fun learning!

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