Welcome to Words Untwisted. If you’ve studied medical terminology before, you may have been told that everybody finds it difficult to learn. You may even have been encouraged just to master enough words to get you through a certification exam. A shortcut like that is unlikely to help you in the real world when you’re too busy to flip open a dictionary every few minutes.

Think about it, who learns a foreign language by memorizing a dictionary? Yet that is often the approach taken in many medical terminology courses designed for medical assistants, coders and billers. In some courses, after a quick overview of the main body systems, you’re asked to memorize a list of terms organized by the body system they relate to. If you’re like most people, six months later many of the words have again started to sound like Greek and Latin.

How do most medical professionals learn terminology? They get familiar with hundreds of words naturally over time, as they learn about the human body and its diseases. Does that mean you need an advanced degree to master medical terminology? Not necessarily. One of our goals at Adonis Health Informatics, is to show that anyone qualified to work in a doctor’s office, can learn the vocabulary they need, using short medical terminology video tutorials that are simple and fun – it doesn’t have to be painful!

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